1st Year Computer Important Long & Short Questions 2024

Reading up for software engineering tests can be overpowering, particularly for first-year understudies who are simply getting to know the subject. To make your readiness more easy, we’ve gathered a rundown of 1st Year Computer Important Long & Short Questions 2024.

How To Solve Short & Long Questions

Addressing short and long inquiries in software engineering includes particular methodologies customized to the profundity and broadness of the request. For short inquiries, regularly surveying explicit ideas or definitions, succinct and exact responses are vital.

Here, center around giving direct reactions that address the inquiry straightforwardly, keeping away from superfluous elaboration. Using list items or numbered records can assist with coordinating data actually.

Alternately, long inquiries require more far reaching reactions, frequently requiring itemized clarifications, models, and thinking. Start by obviously grasping the inquiry, distinguishing key parts, and framing an organized reaction.

Short Questions


Software and hardware, data processing, IT, multimedia and hyper media, customized software, keyboard, joystick, OCR, Barcode reader, Digital camera, Soft copy& hard copy, SDLC.


Primary components of computer, types of software, Mark and character devices, Printer Types.


Computer network, workgroup computing, De-Facto, router/ gateway/ bridges, NIC, Ethernet, token ring, TCP/IP, www, email, FTP, intranet and extranet.


Network models, all network topologies, types of protocol.

Ch No.03

Encoder and decoder, signal, ASCII, parallel and serial, synchronous and asynchronous, bandwidth, broadband, fiber optic, Modulation & demodulation.


Data communication components, types of guided and unguided media, modem.


ATM, office automation, reprographics, e-commerce, video conferencing, weather forecasting, simulation, CAD/CAM, CBT.


CU, CPU, main memory, Random Access Memory and types, ROM and types, cache memory, System bus, interrupt, DMA, registers, ports and types, high and low level language, source and object code.


Computer architecture, ROM types, system bus types, functions of operating system.


Virus, pirated software, activation of virus, data protection, antivirus, data security, copyright act, password, Backup.


Causes of virus, types of virus, some ways of security violation, security threats.


User interface, control panel, desktop, recycle bin, windows explorer, event, GUI, multitasking, multiprocessing, plug and play, print queue.


Word processor, insertion point, text editor, save and save as, cut and copy, undo and redo, clipboard, table, font, header and footer, word art.


Spreadsheet benefits, worksheet and workbook, merge and center, cell, cell address, cell range, formula, formula bar, function, arguments.


Internet, Internet protocol and Domain Name Server, web server, Uniform Resource Locators, ISP, search engine, web browser, news group, www.

1st Year Computer Guess Paper Pdf Download

Here is the important question guess paper of computer science for 1st Year Computer Important Long & Short Questions 2024.The first Year PC Surmise Paper is an important asset for understudies planning for their most memorable year software engineering tests. It gives an extensive outline of the probable inquiries and points that might show up in the test. This asset is accessible in PDF design, making it simple to download and study from whenever it might suit you. Here is the link for download pdf.


Taking everything into account, the “first Year PC Surmise Paper” PDF offers various advantages for first-year software engineering understudies. Besides the fact that it gives an extensive outline of potential assessment questions, however it likewise fills in as a successful review device, supporting the update cycle. The report is carefully organized to cover many subjects that are essential to the course. This makes it a fundamental apparatus for understudies to get to know the sort and intricacy level of inquiries they could experience in their tests. Besides, the archive can incredibly support understudies’ certainty as they can check their readiness and recognize regions requiring more clarity of mind. This multitude of elements make the “first Year PC Surmise Paper” PDF a significant asset in the scholastic excursion of a first-year software engineering understudy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What topics do these questions cover?

The inquiries cover different points in software engineering, for example, Information Types in programming, Working Frameworks, Item Situated Programming, and the capability of a compiler.

Who are these questions for?

These inquiries are intended for first-year software engineering understudies planning for their tests.

What is the purpose of these questions?

These questions are intended to help students prepare for their exams by giving them an idea of the type of long and short questions they can expect.

How should I use these questions for studying?

Understudies ought to guarantee they comprehend the basic ideas completely and can give models where important. For long inquiries, a definite comprehension and clarification are expected, while short inquiries test fast reasoning and comprehension of key ideas.

Are these questions expect to be in the 2024 exams?

These are anticipated fundamental inquiries for the 2024 tests, yet understudies ought to concentrate on all points completely to be good to go.

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