1st Year Exam Date 2024 Punjab Board

The 1st Year Exam Date 2024 Punjab Board in Pakistan start on May 7th, 2024. Students are getting ready for these big tests, working hard to show what they know. Teachers and parents are helping them, and everyone’s hoping for success.

11th Class Exam Date 2024 Punjab Board – Overview

Business Mathematics
8-05-2024WednesdayEnglish (comp.) 1stGroupEnglish (comp.) 2stGroup
9-05-2024ThursdayIslamic Education (comp.) 1stGroupIslamic Education (comp.) 2stGroup
11-05-2024SaturdayUrdu 1stGroupUrdu 1stGroup
Pakistan Culture
13-05-2024MondayChemistry 1stGroupChemistry 2stGroup
Health and Education N.E.WStatistic / N.E.W
14-05-2024TuesdayPunjabi 1stGroupPunjabi 1stGroup
EconomicsPunjabi 1stGroup
Principle of AccountingPersian, Urdu Advance
15-05-2024WednesdayPhysics 1stGroupPhysics 2stGroup
Education 1stGroupEducation 2stGroup
Principle of Economics / N.E.WN.E.W
16-05-2024ThursdayPsycologyOutline of Home Economics / N.E.W
Colthing and Textile N.E.W
17-05-2024FridayTarjama-tul-Quran-Ul-Amjeed 1stGroupTarjama-tul-Quran-Ul-Amjeed 2stGroup
Ethics/Civics (Old/New)(Non-Muslims)
18-05-2024SaturdayHistory (all options)Geography (Old/New) / N.E.W
20-05-2024MondayMathematics 1stGroupMathematics 2Group
Biology 1GroupBiology /N.E.W 2stGroup
21-05-2024TuesdayIslamic Studies (Elective) 1stGroupIslamic Studies (Elective) / N.E.W 2stGroup
Principle of Accounting
22-05-2024WednesdayComputer Science 1st GroupComputer Science 1st Group

1st Year 1st Annual Exam 2024 Time Table

In the morning, exams will start at 8:30 AM, and in the afternoon, they will start at 1:30 PM. However, on Fridays, the afternoon session will begin at 2:30 PM.

11th Class Admission Schedule 2024 All Punjab Boards

Date Of Commencements Of HSSC Annual Examination, 202407-05-2024
Last Date Of Receipt Of Admission Forms With Single Fees01-03-2024 to 31-03-2024
Last Date Of Receipt Of Admission Forms With Double Fees01-04-2024 to 18-04-2024
Last Date Of Receipt Of Admission Forms With Triple Fees19-04-2024 to 26-04-2024

1st Year Exam Fee 2024 Punjab Boards

Student GroupTotal Admission Fee
Regular ScienceRs. 3,110
Regular Arts (with practical)Rs. 3,110
Regular Arts (without practical)Rs. 3,010
Private ScienceRs. 3,210
Private Arts (with practical)Rs. 3,210
Private Arts (without practical)Rs. 3,110

11th Class 1st Annual Exam 2024 Passing Marks All Punjab Boards

To pass the 11th Class 1st Annual Exam in 2024, students need to get at least 40% marks in each subject. For example, if a subject has 100 marks total, students must score at least 40 marks in that subject to pass. So, it’s important for students to aim for this minimum score in every subject to pass the exam of 1st Year Exam Date 2024 Punjab Board.

1st Year Class Grading System 2024 Punjab Board

GradePercentage RangeDescriptionPoints
A++95% to 100%Exceptional5.0
A+90% to 94%Outstanding4.7
A85% to 89%Excellent4.3
B++80% to 84%Very Good4.0
B+75% to 79%Good3.7
B70% to 74%Fairly Good3.3
C60% to 69%Above Average3.0
D50% to 59%Average2.0
E40% to 49%Below Average1.0
ULess than 40%Unsatisfactory0

11th Class Date 2024 All Board Science Group

13-05-2024MondayChemistry 1st GroupChemistry 2nd Group
15-05-2024WednesdayPhysics 1st GroupPhysics 2nd Group
20-05-2024MondayBiology 1st GroupBiology /N.E.W 2nd Group
22-05-2024WednesdayComputer Science 1st GroupComputer Science 1st Group

How To Get Good Marks in 1st Year 1st Annual Exam 2024

Understand the Syllabus:

Make sure you understand what topics are covered in your exam. Go through your syllabus carefully to know what you need to study.

Effective Time Management:

Plan your study schedule wisely. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and stick to it. Don’t forget to take short breaks in between to keep your mind fresh.

Regular Revision:

Regularly revise what you’ve learned. Reviewing your notes and textbooks frequently will help you retain information better.

Practice Past Papers:

Practice solving past exam papers to get familiar with the exam pattern and types of questions asked. This will also help you manage your time during the actual exam.

Seek Clarification:

Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers or classmates if you have any doubts or questions. It’s important to clarify any confusion you may have regarding the subjects.

Stay Organized:

Keep your study materials organized. Maintain separate notebooks or folders for each subject to avoid confusion.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Ensure you get enough sleep, eat healthily, and stay hydrated. A healthy lifestyle contributes to better concentration and performance in exams.

Stay Positive:

Believe in yourself and stay positive. Maintain a positive attitude towards your studies and exams. Visualize your success and stay motivated.

Avoid Procrastination:

Don’t leave studying for the last minute. Start preparing for your exams well in advance to avoid cramming and stress.

Stay Calm During the Exam:

On the day of the exam, stay calm and composed. Read the instructions carefully, manage your time effectively, and attempt all questions confidently.

History About All Punjab Boards

Imagine Punjab is a big city with lots of students. To make sure everyone gets a good chance to learn and take exams, the city is divided into smaller regions called “boards.” Each board is like a mini-education department that looks after schools and exams in its area.

The history of Punjab boards:

A long time ago: There wasn’t any 1st Year Exam Date 2024 Punjab Board. Exams were managed effiently. Early 1900s: The first Punjab Board of Education was set up, covering the entire city.
Later 1900s: As Punjab grew and more students appeared, the single board became overloaded.
Today, there are several Punjab boards, each responsible for conducting exams and setting standards for schools in its specific city.

All Punjab Boards Contact Number & Email Address

BoardContact NumberEmail Address
BISE Lahore042-99200192info@biselahore.com
BISE Gujranwala055-9200751info@bisegrw.edu.pk
BISE Faisalabad041-2517720info@bisefsd.edu.pk
BISE Rawalpindi051-5450929info@biserwp.edu.pk
BISE Multan061-9210125info@bisebwp.edu.pk
BISE Bahawalpur062-9255497info@bisebwp.edu.pk
BISE Sahiwal040-9200516info@bisesahiwal.edu.pk
BISE Sargodha048-3250048info@bisesargodha.edu.pk
BISE DG Khan064-9260642info@bisedgkhan.edu.pk


In the end, you need to put in a lot of effort, plan your studies, and keep trying if you want to do well on your exams. Ensure that you comprehend everything, seek assistance when required, and maintain a positive attitude. Remain coordinated, deal with yourself, and don’t surrender. With exertion and assurance, you can do perfect in your tests.


What is the exam schedule?

The exam schedule varies depending on the educational board and the specific exam. It’s best to check with your school or the relevant educational board for the latest schedule.

How can I prepare for exams effectively?

Effective exam preparation involves creating a study plan, organizing study materials, practicing past papers, seeking clarification on difficult topics, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What should I do if I have exam-related queries?

If you have any questions about exams, such as the schedule, syllabus, or exam procedures, you can contact your school or the respective educational board for assistance.

How can I improve my exam performance?

To improve exam performance, focus on understanding the material, practicing regularly, managing time effectively during exams, staying calm under pressure, and seeking feedback to identify areas for improvement.

What happens if I miss an exam?

Missing an exam can have consequences depending on the circumstances and the policies of your educational institution. It’s important to inform your school or the exam authorities as soon as possible if you’re unable to attend an exam due to valid reasons.

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